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  1. Lisa

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    Aug 3, 2013
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    I wasn't sure which category this would fall under, but anyone care to share theirs?

    This is one of the first I ever wrote, so it's a little old:

    the Swan Queen soars
    on brittle ballet wings.
    indecision strikes and
    she abandons her pirouette
    And somewhere amidst
    these hallowed halls,
    elegance howls, and a
    glass feather falls.
  2. Rachar

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    Aug 7, 2013
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    I've slept too long, I fear the weak
    I know the nights, they come to keep
    The tricks I've tried, they're all too cheap..
    Maybe I myself, am just too weak.

    The monsters are coming, I'm trying to sleep
    They're climbing the hills, killing my sheep
    They seem friendly but, I'm all there is to eat..
    At least once digested, there is nothing to beat.
  3. Charlie O.

    Charlie O. Member

    Sep 17, 2013
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    Saturday night.


    I've spent my days wondering how I will spend my nights.
    It's the basic truth of the human mind.

    We haven't held our hands for quite some time.
    God, how fucked up.

    And I'm sorry that I'm not sorry at all for wanting your touch.

    I would like to parity my mind with every word that comes out of my mouth,
    but I'm damn fuckin' sure that's an impossible act.

    They'll never understand,
    and I must admit I don't quite understand it either.
    I'll spend my time trying to phrase you up,
    and I'll spend my seconds and my minutes,
    my hours and my days too,
    painting my world onto canvas,
    painting it for you.

    Maybe it's wrong to try to explain,
    it's the feverish state.

    You know?
    You do know.

    And I guess it doesn't matter.
    Because, I've been asked about a Saturday night,
    and I would frame it into your hands if I could,
    and I would frame it into your body,
    forgive me the sincerity,
    I would frame it somewhere between your shoulder blades and your cervical vertabrae,
    or somewhere in the valley of your ribs,
    if only I could.

    If only I could, I would.

    I've been asked about my Saturday night,
    and I don't expect you to understand when I say,
    it's the trail of thoughts I have yet to unravel, the trail which your everything contains.

    And I was sure the time will change the fact,
    but the dates are passing by and I still shiver from the Saturday night.

    And I'd like to say that I'm sorry.
    Because people don't say this kind of things nearly enough,
    I would like to say that they should.

    I want us to be the dance at 4AM,
    the last song on the radio before I go to sleep,
    the touch you feel when the boundary between the reality and falling asleep is a blur.
    And we'll manage to crush the line between the right message and the wrong time.

    I want us to be the Saturday night again,
    and any other day, I will miss you all the same.​
  4. coolassang

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    Oct 7, 2013
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    in the still of night

    life and death... dark and light
    it's always something in the still of night
    spinning, swirling, out of control
    this pain inside i don't want to know

    a glow and a smile of a love so bright
    a surreal glimpse of what life could be like
    don't want to see, don't want to know
    but this pain inside... i just can't let go

    the present is great... but a future unknown
    and a past with a fire that burns through my soul
    twisting my thoughts, tainting this glow
    oh, this pain inside, i want to let go

    working through the fear and the hurdles of doubt
    it's finally time to let it all pour out
    release that pain, let my fire burn bright
    and sleep peacefully with her... in the still of this night
  5. coolassang

    coolassang Active Member

    Oct 7, 2013
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    the unexpected

    life, love, the pursuit...
    pursuit or pursued, fate or chance?
    instant connections with no explanations... desired
    it cannot be manufactured, it is
    it is inside us all, it is given to us
    it has been there all along... dormant
    awaiting the unexpected
  6. coolassang

    coolassang Active Member

    Oct 7, 2013
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    fuck the peace

    finding peace inside we seek
    is a struggle that never ends
    wasting time, crying, trying
    our wounds they never mend
    problems here, assholes there
    the world is full of shit
    wasting time with all of it
    allows me to ascend
    fuck that "peace" and kiss this ass
    i'll make my own amends
  7. coolassang

    coolassang Active Member

    Oct 7, 2013
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    coming out of the darkness and into the light
    looking around for something that's right
    feeling the pull from something that's near
    feeling the pull from a life filled with fear

    wanting the strength to fight a good fight
    needing to survive the coldness of night
    feeling so true, with strongness of heart
    feeling so lost, with a world torn apart

    finding a depth, not losing sight
    losing control, feeling contrite
    half of a whole, that's broken in parts
    with a half that is whole and breaking a heart

    searching for words to make it all right
    learning that life is just not polite
    wanting to find a place that is free
    seeking a pride in all that is me
  8. coolassang

    coolassang Active Member

    Oct 7, 2013
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    this thing i know

    deep inside my soul i know
    love is in a smile
    ...on the surface
    it usually seems
    that things in life are fine
    fine won't be still my heart
    fine won't bring that smile
    this thing i know, inside my soul
    simply, life is love
    a candle in the window
    shelter in the rain
    an ear to bend
    a hand to hold
    strong arms to ease the pain
    all these things i want in life
    are not yet meant to be
    for deep inside my soul i know
    this love begins with me
  9. DarkEyes2715

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    Dec 13, 2013
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    An Ending
    When you cast a shadow that eclipses the light within you
    The darkness shuns the world away
    I have followed the path of hiding for too long and cannot see the end of the abyss
    You, no longer there standing beside me
    I have walked on and you have not noticed the lack of my presence
    My name upon your lips sounds that of a stranger
    I do not wish to be the broken toy that only you know how to use
    Let go of the heart that grows dimmer within your hands
    Find the one that makes you feel the heat without being burned
    Feelings are meant to be felt not spoken of in an empty manner
    Say what has been left unsaid
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  10. wkeeton

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    Mar 19, 2015
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    Paths Untread

    What haunt most are not things I've done
    Or sights I've seen or words I've said
    What really haunt are the lines uncrossed
    and deeds undone and paths untread
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