Please help me, I think my girlfriend is chea...

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Lucia Tan, Oct 21, 2013.

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    I have a gf, and I don't know why I like her. She's not attractive, I don't like her personality, she's childish and selfish, and I think she's just using me for my money. I mean I don't know why I bought her a cellphone, laptop, and help her paid her rent. That cost me a lot. She told me she love me but I don't trust her, I can't trust her I don't know why. 2 weeks ago she said she need some alone time, I cannot contact her at all, and still can't. I mean I'm her girlfriend, but she block my number, what kind of girlfiend is that?? I can't trust this girl at all, and I wanna move on. But I really don't know why I like her, and how to move on quickly from her. So please help me, what's going on with me? and what should I do with her? Thanks before.
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    Re: Please help me, I think my girlfriend is ...

    Perhaps you liked her because you like to be needed? She gave you a rush when you did stuff for her? Some of those feelings are like drugs, she figured out some button on you and pushed it because she is good at it and have probably done this before. She might have moved onto someone else. Make sure you change your passwords to stuff so she doesn't drain an account or something. If you have a checkbook, check that all the pages are there from the back up. Good call to drop this one, stay strong.

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