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Discussion in 'TV' started by rachel11, Oct 22, 2014.

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    I'm a bit surprised that the site hasn't documented or have done episode by episode replays of this show.

    There's a big(isn) following of lesbian/bi followers due to the the Team Shoot ship - which is two female, kick ass, characters Root and Shaw aka Shoot played by Amy Acker and Sarah Shahi. (Yes, our very own L Word Sarah Shahi.) The flirtation between the two women on the show is well documented and has been an ongoing thing between them since season 2.

    Now in season 4, their romance would appear to be taking steps to make it canon with specific recent conversations. The actresses are all for the ship and are supportive of the ship. The rest of the cast and crew also seem to be in support of the ship with the Official twitter account to Person of Interest crowning the Ship name: Shoot or Raw was their question - we picked shoot.

    Twitter: @RootxShaw

    They seem to channel the Bering and Wells fandom.

    Person of Interest is an American science fiction crime drama television series created by Jonathan Nolan that premiered on September 22, 2011, on CBS. Airs Tuesdays 10/9c.

    Info on Characters:
    Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) (season 2, recurring; season 3–present, main): a government assassin who worked for Special Counsel, unknowingly dealing with the "relevant" numbers from the Machine. She is now an ally of Reese and Finch.

    Root (Amy Acker) (season 1, guest; season 2, recurring; season 3–present, main): a highly intelligent computer hacker and contract killer with a keen interest in both Finch and the Machine. Her real name is Samantha "Sam" Groves.
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    My god, YES this show. I really am shocked by the fact that this site has overlooked this pairing. Not a single peep about them. I get that POI isn't really all that popular compared to some shows, but it is a GREAT show that consistently get great reviews. It's an incredibly well thought out and written show and it's a shame that people are overlooking it. I know the first season and a maybe half of season two wasn't all that exciting, but it's really picked up since then, especially in season 3.

    Then there's Root and Shaw.. I think the OP nailed it when they said these two are channeling Bering and Wells, except these two will be more concrete than the Bering and Wells subtext.
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    After I saw the article on AE I spent the week end binge-watching the show, I just finished the last episode and I absolutely loved it! I can't believe I never watched it before! Anyway, how great was episode 9?! That scene on the back of the truck! My god they are sooo together!
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    Yeah a shoot ship thread! sweet. Love them.

    Are they on a mid-season break at the moment or something? There is no POI this week?
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    They were on a break. And now, Shaw has faded off into the land of Samaritan...

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