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    Sunshine Is The New Black!

    Aussie DJ, actress and style icon Ruby Rose will be queen of the decks this summer at our brand-new lesbian holiday escape. Ruby Rose arrives as our main DJ fresh from the set of Orange Is The New Black, where she’s just wrapped season three of the hit show, due to air this June.

    We’re beyond excited to welcome Ruby Rose to our packed OlaGirls’ schedule and we’re sure she’ll add a shot of glamour and undoubted talent to what is already shaping up to be the lesbian summer destination of choice.

    Join hundreds of lesbians in Spain this summer on OlaGirls’ Mediterranean getaway…

    This summer, it’s time to shake up your holiday schedule and slot in something a little different. Something so fantastic, you’ll want to come back year after year. Sunshine, fabulous cuisine, drinks and activities, but best of all - hundreds of like-minded women. Lesbians. Everywhere you look.

    Because we’ve all been on holiday to a new place, unpacked, gone for a meal, looked around and wondered: “Where are the lesbians?” With OlaGirls, that’s about to change.

    Our fantastic new Mediterranean getaway is solely for lesbians, run by lesbians, and we guarantee a fun-packed, lesbian-tastic experience. Picture the scene: hot June sunshine in the glorious coastal resort of Calpe, Spain. Lesbians galore. Hotels, pristine beaches, glistening ocean and relaxation. OlaGirls’ all-inclusive package includes hotel, activities, food and drink - all you have to do is book today and turn up. We’ll do the rest.

    On our lesbian Mediterranean break there’s something for everyone. Hiking, beach volleyball & water sports rub shoulders with wine tasting, tapas-making and lesbian movies. With so many women, you’re bound to make new friends and if you’re looking, you might even meet someone special. We’ll be putting on speed dating as well as dance workshops for you to find your perfect match. Plus, if you want to have a few drinks and dance the night away with international DJs, you can do that too.

    Our unique holiday experience is the perfect environment for you to unwind and soak up the Mediterranean culture on your doorstep. With OlaGirls, our prime motivation is getting lesbians from all over Europe together, having fun and forming friendships and relationships that last.

    There are other lesbian festivals out there that are all about partying and nightlife, but OlaGirls takes the holistic approach. Sure, we do nightlife too, but our holiday is about mind, body, soul and simply getting away from it all. Kick back, relax, make new friends and have an amazing adventure.

    For three days in June, holiday hotspot Calpe will be the go-to lesbian destination, ensuring sunshine really is the new black. And guess what? We’ve got packages to suit all budgets and we’re inviting you to join us.

    Book your OlaGirls Mediterranean getaway today and make your summer sparkle.

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