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Discussion in 'Advice (Dear AE...)' started by angie5, May 8, 2014.

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    so, check this out...a co-worker of mine who is 23 (I'm 36) has been flirting with me for about a good month now...she has come in on her off days (my work days) and put herself in my path when I am walking...come up to my cubicle with small chat, gotten close to me, pushed her tits in my face (not literally but close enough)....she has told me she is gay (yep she is out and proud at work) and when we are around other people, she talks about the stuff she likes, how you can win her heart and everything and she is sort of a sh** talker when it comes to sex...me being a little older than her, I was wondering if she is a baby lesbian just talking mess or has she been where she says she has been....so when we have had a chance to talk at work, just the two of us, she's nervous around me...biting her lip and looking down and doing all the giggly stuff which I do as well because I am nervous around her too...we were talking about food one day and she said she was going to bring me some boudin (cajun sausage)....she offered her number to me...I took it and text her the next day so she would know my number....the next week, she comes in on my day to work (her off day) with the boudin...I tell her thank you, thank you because you know how sweet of her to take the time to make that or get someone else to do it....either way very nice of her....so I finally get up the nerve (and I was nervous) to call her and test the waters....I asked her how the next week was looking for her and that maybe we can get together for lunch or something...she said yes...ok, so I told her I would call the next day so we could set up a day and time as those days during the week I am off, she has to work....she said cool, cool...so I call her and she doesn't pick up, no voice mail either....I text her the day after and say, "hey let me know if you still want to have lunch"....that's as far as I am going to go...but I am trying to figure out what happened there...any input?
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    The only thing I would say to her next time I see her in a throw-my-voice-over-to-her-in-passing sorta way is, "hey, thanks for the boudin again, you got my text about lunch?"

    Some girls run away when you do respond, this way I am trying to figure out if it is a lost text or she is running away. If someone runs, I don't chase.

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