Not sure how to make amends... i have no ball...

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Ladyninja13, Aug 24, 2013.

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    Hey ladies,

    Just seeking some good friendly advice again. :D

    I posted something about my situation here earlier, but very long story short is I broke my no longer best friends trust, and she no longer trusts me. We work with each other and other than short contact at work; we haven't spoken to each other in 2 months since our argument. I really hurt her and upset her. I apologized for hurting her and it does hurt me that I hurt her. Her words were "I don't hate you or hold anything against you" and "things won't be the same anymore". Well at work she has still shown somewhat anger with me. Now that I am moving due to a work transfer, I have seen her body language change. She looks at me more than usual and it makes me wonder whether she is inviting me to talk to her and possibly make amends? I really cared and valued the time her and I had together. Her friendship meant a lot to me. I have now 9 days to say something to her. Should I say something to her? Or just accept defeat?

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