Not interested in girls but maybe she is?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by missdianaxo, Jan 15, 2015.

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    Oct 4, 2014
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    Sooooooo I'm back (again)! So the girl from my bus, I finally spoke to her!
    Basically, we were on facebook chatting and I told her I think she's really cute and we should grab coffee some time.
    She replied back saying she thinks I'm super cute but she's "not really interested in girls". I played it off as I was just wanting to grab coffee as friends (which she agreed to).
    but there's just some signs there that I can't get over. First off, let me clarify; I never actually spoke to her on the bus. I saw her name pop up through mutual friends on facebook and I was with a few friends who somehow talked me into messaging her. So I did. and I basically said I had seen her around and thought she was really cute and whatever. and the above message was what she replied. She was super sweet about it which is a shock because to be frank, I wouldn't be quite so friendly to a complete stranger.
    To update all of last semester, every class, in class and before, she would just stare at me. At the beginning, we made a lot of eye contact because our eyes kept meeting when we'd look at each other but I eventually just stopped staring because it made me uncomfortable at one point lol. Alsooo, she started sitting beside me and my friend. Never said anything, but just randomly started sitting there (half way through the semester too, where everyone sat in the same spot from the beginning).
    Then, she also started sitting beside me on the bus. I kept getting the feeling she wanted to say something because of the side glances she gave me but she never did.
    Maybe I'm reading too much into this, or maybe I'm not. I have a really good feeling that me and her are suppose to be really good friends, so that's why I'm not completely writing it off and decided I would just go with and grab coffee with her just as friends. But I'm just super puzzled. I'm sure she recognized my facebook when I messaged her as the girl she stared at last semester.
    Ugh, confusing, confusing. Not the first time I've fallen for a straight girl! It's hard because I also don't fall for girls often; I truly believe that people fall in love with people, and for me, gender doesn't matter. It's happened to be guys until now but she was an exception. I wonder if others think that way.
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    Don't let your feelings cloud your judgement. If a person sticks around you, it is because she wants to know you and that's as far as you should think for the moment. you know, step by step. not all at one time. or maybe there were aren't any better sits around and that's why she sits next to you. probably she's looking at you and wondering if you're into her. maybe she's starring because you're starring at her and she wants to catch you again starring at her. there are countless manifestations of someone who is interested in your personality or simply has some questions.
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    Yes, you are reading to much into this.

    You asked her out, she turned you down. Done, move on, better luck next time.

    When we like someone, it can be very easy to trick ourselves - we've talked once, she's so nice! She liked my pic on Facebook, she's into me!

    But if she says she's not into girls, then she is not into girls. I don't see any signs that she is gay or interested.

    Please move on to and let go of her.
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    Many times we read into situations what we want to see. That she sat next to you on the bus could mean anything, including you're look the most normal and are the least creepy of the options available to her at that given moment in time. Telling her she's really cute and that you should grab coffee...well, I'd construe that as a pick up/asking me out on a date line and not interpret it as friends just wanting to grab a coffee.

    Move on. She's straight and made it clear she's not interested.

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