New Lesbian Novella - Wicked Magic - March 2, 2015

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    My name is K.T. Black and I'm an author of erotic romance. My debut novella - Wicked Magic: Spellbound Book 1 - will be available on eBook March 2, 2015. I believe if you are a fan of the show Once Upon A Time, you might enjoy this story. Fairy Tales appear to be quite popular now, and my Spellbound Series will be full of modern variations of old favorites.

    Content Notes:
    Contemporary, GLBT (Lesbian), Paranormal, Fantasy, Adult Fairy Tales, F/F, Magic, Witches & Shifters.

    Story Blurb:
    Imagine Cinderella falling for the seductive charms of the Evil Queen. K.T. Black takes adult fairy tales to new heights in Book 1 of her contemporary romance series Spellbound. Filled with unexpected twists and turns, Wicked Magic is a modern retelling of an old favorite.

    Magic is in the air after Chandler Gray silently wishes for her predictable, work-filled life to change. When a mysterious woman, fascinated with beautiful images, moves in next door, Chandler finds herself falling under the spell of the last person she expects to make her happy. There’s just one problem: an ex-girlfriend with a grudge and the power to curse her happiness.


    Chandler stared at her, feeling like a tongue-tied idiot, unable to respond. When she managed to make her mouth work, her face burned as her shyness overwhelmed her. “Um, I’m Chandler. Chandler Gray.”

    Alex appeared intrigued. “Very nice to meet you, Chandler.” She peered into her eyes for a minute or two before her gaze drifted downward. She took her time, making it seem obvious as she took in Chandler’s body.

    Her boldness surprised Chandler, but she found herself unable to move. When Alex shifted her focus to their joined hands, Chandler felt her stomach flip. A mischievous expression filled Alex’s face as she looked back up into Chandler’s eyes.

    Chandler remained frozen in place until she felt the soft caress of Alex’s thumb on the back of her hand. Experiencing the initial stirrings of arousal, Chandler panicked and let go of Alex’s hand as she took a step backward.

    Feeling embarrassed and a bit perplexed, Chandler shuffled from foot to foot, but couldn’t seem to look away from Alex. It was as if the woman had some unseen power over her.

    If you'd like to check the story out, it will be available March 2, 2014 from the following links:
    My Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
    Barnes & Noble
    Kobo Books

    My blog:
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