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    Hey ladies!

    I am a writer and a journalist and right now I am doing an Indiegogo campaign for my novel Mia Xara - Sometimes missing the flight is the fastest way home. I am sharing a bit of it here today and am looking forward to you comments... :D

    “Vaggilis, if you love someone even more than yourself, and you realize that your closeness can only hurt that person, do you let them go or do you selfishly stick to that person, until you both wither from sadness?”

    The words flowed from me in impeccable Greek because I had been holding them just behind my front teeth for days. The only thing that had prevented their escape had been the melancholy silence of my sealed lips. Vaggilis turned his eyes from the lively events transpiring on the potholed Greek streets. He offered me the gaze of an old man who had spent an entire lifetime behind the wheel of a dented taxicab and uttered almost inaudibly: “Mia, little girl of mine, what is rattling around your head so early in the morning? Don’t ask me such things.”

    I don’t know what I expected. People like Vaggilis don’t wonder about things they cannot influence. I almost wanted to apologize to the simple old man for asking a question that disturbed the safe flow of his everyday life, but then I felt the scratchy touch of his palms that hid the thousands of faces that had ridden in his white Opel over the last thirty years.
    “Love is not always fair,” he said. “If a flower, despite the fact that we lovingly water it, does not grow in a certain part of the garden, we must transplant it…”

    I wanted to hug him, but I didn’t.”

    Writing is my passion and I would appreciate so much if you would check my Indiegogo campaign and support me as you can - Sharing is caring <3



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