Never get a second date?

Discussion in 'Advice on Meeting Women' started by Bringmesunshine, Apr 14, 2019.

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    Basically what it says in the title.

    Since becoming single last year after a 3 year relationship, I've had 5 dates. Most of them have been successful, all happy being on the dates with me. Intimate with a couple of them. Things are going great..

    Apart from one of those dates, they have all been friendly and giving me lots of compliments after the dates, speaking to me online, giving me hope that we'll meet again. But then after a few days they start fading me out with no explanation. I don't know why people can't be honest with me?

    I'm starting to think there is something wrong with me as it just keeps happening?
    All I can put it down to is the majority have been 10+ years older than me and maybe they think I'm too young for them in the end? (I've always told them all I love honesty)
    I'm a kind hearted girl who is very laid back.
    Can anyone tell me what people's problems are? Or I'm just choosing the wrong women? It's very frustrating.
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    Maybe the people you’ve come across aren’t ready for whatever reason or they aren’t looking for anything serious. Doesn’t matter what age they are or what personal issues people might have. So don’t beat down on yourself thinking something is wrong with you.

    Do you live in a small town or big city? I’ve noticed that alot of people living in big cities are serial daters taking forever to find someone vs people in small towns usually settle down quicker. Not generalizing, just mentioning what I’ve observed in the different places I’ve lived.

    With time and patience and most likely when you have give up on finding someone, that someone will appear if she hasn’t already.

    My personal experience is that my relationships usually has happen when I have been focusing on myself rather then actively looking. But then again the dating scene and casual hookups have never been my cup of tea. My current relationship happened when I was in an anti-relationship phase and was suppose to focus on my studies when lightning struck and threw me off balance, while a straigh friend of mine who has been actively searching and dating for years is still single today.

    My best advice as I also told her: “Don’t focus so much about being single, focus on what makes you happy like hobbies, friends, work etc. Go on dates with no expectations even if the date went great and enjoy life.” You’ll meet her eventually when it is meant to be.
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