Netflix’s “Sierra Burgess is a Loser”

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Do you think Sierra should have ended up with Veronica instead of Jamey?

  1. Hell, yes!

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  2. No, you are just delusional.

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    Sep 7, 2018
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    AF0EC3E9-8649-463D-ABD1-9717A7476364.jpeg Hello everyone, have you seen the newest teenager film “Sierra Burgess is a Loser” starring Shanon Pursed (Barbs in Stranger Things)?
    The story starts where you see Sierra, “the loser” and Veronica, “the hot popular cheerleader” disliking each other. Sierra puts an announcement for tutoring, along with her cellphone number, Veronica takes Sierra’s number. A boy named Jamey ask Veronica out and she just give him Sierra’s number because, although Jamey is hot, she thinks he’s a loser. So, Jamey thinks he’s talking to Veronica (cat fishing). Quickly, Sierra and Veronica team up for each others benefit: Sierra wants Veronica to help her deceiving Jamey and in return she will help Veronica with her studies, so she can be “smarter” to catch another boy. Between their secret meetings they get to know each other and form a deeper relationship than the “main” pairing (Sierra and Jamey).
    I thought Sierra was going to end up with Veronica. You could really see a much deeper relationship between those two than Sierra and Jamey. The development between the girls relationship was way more heartwarming [and, god, the looks and hugs Veronica gives to Sierra]. Where, whit Jamey, it was just creepy.
    Well, at least at the end it seems that Veronica is in love with Sierra… At first I thought I was the only one thinking this is just like subtext, or just my little gay heart wishing for those two to end up with each other, like when we all just felt with supercorp or rizzles. But I just found a review on that resembles my thoughts. What do you think about the movie? I would love to read what you guys think.
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