"Nature needs the Lesbian" - a quotation

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    What needs to be understood is that erotic love between women is not a deviation from some presumed "normal". The Lesbian, to use a designation with an honorable history, is not a spoiled, failed or diverted so-called heterosexual woman. Neither is she a pseudo-male frustrated within female flesh and bones - the few who feel so are frustrated by society's ignorance and persecution. She is from birth and perhaps prenatally an essentially different being with different needs and desires. She is constituted as she is because Nature has made her so. After lifelong meditation on the matter (I am 74 years old as this is written), after observation of and discussion with others who do not fit the crude male-female categories, plus wide reading, I will go a step further and say, Nature needs the Lesbian as she is. She needs me as I am.

    --- Ask No Man Pardon: The Philosophical Significance of Being Lesbian, Elsa Gidlow. 1975.

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