My Mom Hates My Best Friend/The Girl I Liked

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by smiles4miles, Feb 23, 2014.

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    So this isn't so much about a romantic relationship I'm having, but more of the relationship between my mom and my best friend. I've been best friends with this girl since 8th grade and managed to develop feelings for her. We have the most amazing friendship and she's straight (and I'm a closeted bisexual) so I know we can't have a romantic relationship and I don't want to have one with her. It's difficult to still have somewhat of feelings for her, but I know in my heart will always only be friends and that's what's best for us. And I'm okay with that.

    While I am closeted, my mom knows about my feelings for my friend. And last year, my best friend and I were having trouble. I was having a lot of personal issues and she was acting really cold to me. My mom saw how much she hurt me during that time and hasn't like her ever since.

    The problem now is that was just a little falling out and our friendship is stronger than ever and my mom still hates her. It makes it really hard for the two of us to hang out outside of school and talk to each other and stuff.

    How can I get my mom to see what a good person she is and that she's been really good to me besides that one falling out? How can I get her to understand that she is my best friend and that I just want to spend time with her without her thinking it's me defending a crush? Please help, any advice is welcome cause this has been really difficult for me.
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    Re: My Mom Hates My Best Friend/The Girl I Li...

    I don't think your mom really hates that girl, you are her daughter and she cares about you. She wouldn't be a mother if she wouldn't care about your suffering and that's the maternal instinct more likely.
    My case is a little bit different. My parents didn't like it when I told them that I'm bisexual, but if it will be a woman that will make me happy, then they will have no problem with that. They are protective although some parents don't believe that some of us grow up fast and we are strong on our own.
    The more you show your pain to your mother, the more she's going to hate that girl. Is better if you keep that for yourself, or when you feel like talking to someone, better be a closer friend, if anyone else knows. You should start meeting other girls, someone with whom you can be with and see your friend as a friend only, and your mother will accept her again, because her daughter is not suffering anymore.

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