My love triangle - Me, Her and her MOTHER!

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by Pru, Aug 5, 2013.

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    Ok, so couple years ago, I've got this thing with, lets call her Olive. We were best friends, she was very touchy feely toward me, I told her that she is my soul mate. It lasted for like 1,5 year, and then i realized tha i have feelings for her. But at the same time there was this guy, not for me, for her. I was very jealous, she didnt know whats going on, we were constantly fighting. So I told her. I told her that i love her, that she is my world, and that this guy is destroying everything between us. Well it didint end well. I was brokenhearted, and she was in happy relationship with this guy. I really did all wrong things, that young lesbian could do, I hurt her so much, but I was so much in love with her, I was suffering every time when I saw her, and for a couple years I was a wreck.

    Her relationship with this guy lasted 2 or 3 years, in the meantime, we started working things out, and now we are good friends. Last year on vacation I befriend with her mother, who I know same long as her, but we were only, IDK, folks? Lets call MOTHER Annie.

    From some time, I know, that with Annie, at least from my side its something more. But I knew, that I cant do anything with it, cuz it would destroy everything with Olive. It was very very long, form me to forget about her, cure my heart, and to patch things up.

    Yesterday, me and Annie went to our mutual friends, and there was Olive, and there was alcohol! And Olive get so drunk, and now I see that she was trying to get me drunk too. And she told me that, those five years ago, when I told her that I love her, and she ended with this guy, she was having feelings for me, but she was afraid. Now she is with other guy, Jacob, and she told me she still have feelings for me. We went to the bathroom to talk, then we kissed a little, then she told me that she was always afraid what I would say on her breast cuz they are so small (yeah, mine are like fists, and her are like slice of the onion xD), but I told her that I always love them, and it never bothered me that they are small, I thought that they are cute, and small boobs is my thing (it really is), and I bite her... in da boob!! (seriously, WTF is wrong with me?!?).

    Now I dont know where am I, wiht her, and with Annie. My friend told me, that it looks like somethong is happening between me and Annie (I cannot describe it, cuz its to complicated for me in english, but we are very touchy feely and intimate, we didnt kiss! And we didnt talk about it). Annie Is 45 (she looks like 35, or better), I'm 26, and Olive is 22. Its so fucking hard for me, cuz they are mother and daughter, and I know that whatever decision I made, it would hurt someone, and probably destroy family, and my two best friendship.

    I know that i describe everthing little laconic, but I am at Annie's home, she's out but would be back soon, and Olive supposed to come by, I'm nervous as shit. And I've got THE WORST hangover ever, and english grammar wasnt my strongest subject, so sorry form my time mixing, i hope that it would be understandable for all of you.
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    Re: My love triangle - Me, Her and her MOTHER...

    What was your intention when you posted on here? I don’t see any question. I don't know if you want advice or you need validation for what you're doing or what you're about to do. At one point in your narrative you asked what the f*ck was wrong with you. With regards to the whole thing, I should ask you the same thing. You’re not only messing with two people, you’re messing with two people who are directly related to each other. You’re right, you’re not only destroying your friendship (if you can even call it that) with them, you are messing with their lives by being in it. I could give you advice, give you a good whap on the head (which I really want to do), or give you a talking to but considering this has been going on for years what I or anyone else in this forum might say won’t matter much because you don’t seem bent on doing anything that’s even slightly headed towards the right direction which is to back the hell away.

    If you want some semblance of sanity in your life you already know what to walk away. And yet you’re still there in the midst of a bad plot for a lesbian porn film and I have a feeling you want to stay there wondering if you should get it on with the mother or play around with the daughter. Do you want us to choose for you? Because if you really have feelings for the mother, you wouldn’t be messing with her daughter inside the bathroom. If you have feelings for the daughter then what are you doing being “touchy feely” with her mother. Think about that and maybe you’ll know what your intentions really are.

    Just in case you need things spelled out for you:
    - If you’re asking advice on what to do? Walk away. Hell, run away.
    - If you’re asking who to choose? Meh. That’s up to whether you want to be the daughter-in-law or the mother. Either way, one of them will end up not talking with you anyway.

    There you go. Good luck.

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