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    Salutations, gals, pals and galpals. My biggest hobby—as much as I wish it were a jobby—of the past several years is writing lesbian fiction. I've been publishing them on Literotica and NovelTrove, so they are erotic, but not just gratuitous sex scenes; far from it. They are real, substantial tales of Sapphic romance, with real arcs, storylines, plot twists and quite three-dimensional characters. It's become one of the biggest and most important things in my life, and Readers really seem to quite like them, going from some of the comments I've received. I'm not trying to toot my own horn or shamelessly plug, just describing.

    My other hobbies and fun things to do include making random lists of bizarre things that intrigue me...walking around malls and shopping centers window shopping, and often also actually shopping...watching TV programs like sitcoms and courtroom shows...reading, when I get the opportunity anymore...hanging ten on the web...trying new restaurants...hanging out and playing games with family...and now as well, posting on AE. Will drop back in and edit if I come up with any more. Cheers, folks!! —Greg

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