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Discussion in 'Coming Out' started by Jessi B, Mar 16, 2019.

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    My coming out story goes something like this! For me I came out in my 20s! So pretty much later than most do unfortunately! I think I've always knew I was into girls even as a child; but with my parents all I heard growing up was "How great it would be to be grandparents someday!" So in my young head at the time I am thinking I need to find the right guy and have kids! So i've dated a few jerks and found 1 decent one! Eventually got married had kids blah blah! But for some reason I was never happy! All along as a kid I had a crush on my neighbor even when we wore kids there was just something about her I knew I liked and she also liked me too! But we wore kids and did not know any different! But as she grew up she knew she was more into girls and me I was still thinking I was suppose to be with boys! And me and her would just flirt around with one another all the time! But nothing serious! Everytime we would be interested in someone or even date them me and her would always say to each other that either he/she was not right for each other and ask each other "Well who is right for us than?" and we both look at each other and smile knowing it's us! But at that time I straight and thought I was into guys! Than when we got into high school some how I got into a 3 year affair with one of my female teacher's! (Won't get into details on how that started!) And I kind of stared to see things differently! Although I still thought at that time i was pose to be with guys! Ended up dating 3 guys when I was young and Marrying one of them and had 2 kids by him! But something just did not feel right with me! Me and my exhusband even moved to a different state and I thought things would go back to normal with me! But that is when I realize how much I was in love with my best friend and wanted to be with her! So eventually I ended things with my ex and told my girl it's over between us and I wanted to be with her and only her! and we've been together ever since from 2006 and on!
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    I came out to my family and friends at 17

    My relationships have always been with women, I never been with men, I grew up in a blended faith having a catholic and Jewish parents. I was raised in the Jewish faith. I came from a family of 3 older brothers and I am the baby of the family. Growing up I knew I had feeling towards girls from a young age, I knew there was just something different from my friends at a young age, while they talked about being married and having children, I wanted to get married too, but not to a man....My father wanted to walk his baby girl down the aisle someday as he put

    My first real lesbian experience was in the 8th grade at the age of 13. For a time I hid my feelings towards girls til I came out to my parents at 17 in 1996, right around prom, when I announced im taking a girl as my date to the prom, who my girlfriend for a couple years!! As having kids, my parents wanted grandchildren too, thankfully my older brothers took care of that!, I adopted 2 children over 8yrs ago and my family accepts as one of their own grandchildren! For that im trult blessed having having love and support from my family
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