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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by MissDarcy, Feb 5, 2015.

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    Feb 5, 2015
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    I started second guessing my sexuality in high school, when I met her, when I met Cara. We became friends sophomore year, and we've been friends ever since. It never felt like a normal friendship to me. I always felt like there was this sexual tension between us, but at the time I thought it was just teenage hormones conquering my head, maybe they still are. I remember this one time, a friend of mine told me she thought Cara had lesbian tendencies because of the way she acts around me and the things she says to me. That's when I thought that maybe is not all in my head. We lost contact after graduation and barely spoke the first semester of college. We started talking again over Xmas break and we've been good ever since.

    I love it when we're together, I don't know why we stopped talking, but she did tell me she felt sad about that and angry at me for letting that happen. She always tells me she feels drunk around me because of the way I make her laugh and act foolish all the time. She does say flirty things to me all the time, like for example, she always tells me she loves my body, my hair, my eyes...... she even has told me she wants to kiss me. The problem is that I don't know when she really means it or when she's just kidding. Things got interesting when we went out to a bar last weekend. A friend (guy) started flirting with me and she interrupted, telling him that she would fight him for me; the guy later asked if we were friends and Cara said "No.... I always felt we were something....there's something I can't explain between us". Bear in mind she was drunk. So.. of course I got very confused. Let's also take into consideration that she is straight. She recently got out of a relationship and is currently seeing other guys.

    I guess this is just your typical straight girl crush story. What do you think? Is there the slightest chance she might be interested in me too?
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    oh, do ask her. She is dropping some serious hints and straight talk too. Ask her if she is serious about what she said. If she says, "no". Then it is fine, just tell her not to tease you after a few drinks. If all she intends on is being friends and even when she explains her actions and it still proves confusing then it is okay to have some boundaries. Don't back off worrying that you are just over reacting and that it is all up to you to interpret her flirts and her intent. She flirts to get something from you, it is either just a reaction or more. It is perfectly okay to ask which is which.
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    One more thing:
    "Drunk words, sober thoughts".

    Good luck!
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    Oh come on lol she definitely likes you. Now is she too scared to act on it? Who knows. Sometimes I think fear can overpower love. If anything, she's definitely curious about you so I wouldn't brush it off as just a straight girl crush. Sexuality is fluid and sure maybe she does date and have relations with men, but that doesn't mean something with a woman is out of the question. Attraction is one thing you just can't control and maybe you're the one woman she can't help herself with.

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