Mind Your Head: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Suicidal Queer Christian Missionary Kid

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    I self-published my first book last month, Mind Your Head. I worked with lesbian literary editor Rogena Mitchell-Jones and published through Lulu Press. I am a writer and will continue to publish stories, but I was compelled to start with my own. I looked everywhere for a story like this when I was growing up. I hope that it might shed light on important issues or offer relief to someone with a similar struggle. The synopsis is below. Please take a look and share, if you are so compelled. Let me know if you dealt with similar issues or know someone who might benefit from a story like mine. If you are interested in reviewing my book, please email me for a copy: [email protected]. Peace.

    Mind Your Head: The Life, Death, and Rebirth of a Suicidal Queer Christian Missionary Kid
    by Jordan Cosmo
    Kindle - Paperback - Nook

    What happens when a homosexual is brought up in a homophobic religion?

    In Mind Your Head, the author shares her unforgettable transformation from Jordan Callow, a suicidal anorexic, self-mutilating drug addict, to Jordan Cosmo, a healthy, enlightened, and empowered queer feminist.

    Born into the family of conservative Christian missionary parents, Jordan was raised to believe that she must obey God above all else, and that homosexuality had no place in His kingdom.

    But Jordan knew she was queer. She didn’t feel like a normal girl on the inside. And she didn’t look like a normal girl on the outside. Despite compulsively praying that God would correct her, she continued to look like a boy and think like a lesbian.

    Honest, thought-provoking, and revolutionary, this story will change the way we relate to our queer youth, and more specifically, whether or not we continue to allow religious entities to brainwash them towards self-destruction.

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