Mind blowing but will it last?

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    Nov 1, 2019
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    I've just recently finally accepted the fact I'm a lesbian and wasn't afraid of people's thoughts and opinions on it. I was new to the scene and decided to visit Amsterdam to see some places that I've always wanted to see. Whilst there I saw an add for a female only sex work or escorts. I was so shocked but totally fascinated by this and didn't focus on anything I wanted to originally on the trip. I emailed them and arranged a younger woman who was experienced and totally beautiful. It was my first real experience and though it cost me a fair bit It was the best 6 hours of my life. I experienced things I never dreamed of and want it more than ever now. The trouble is I'm obsessed about finding escorts in my city but they don't seem to exist. Am I losing my mind?. Thanks for reading. Claire

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