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    I have a crazy ass theory so just hear me out, and I know that cousin Nate killed her but I'll get to that too! Marlene King herself said never say never when asked if Maya would come back to the show.

    How could she be A.
    • From the very first episode of the show Maya had access to so many of Ali's belongings, if you remember in the pilot episode she had moved a bunch of Ali's belongings to the pavement outside of the house. Who's to say that she hadn't been through them all, plus Ali's diaries (and seen how Ali felt about Emily and what had happened between them) which is how she could have managed to find out everything about our beloved liars. Other than the obvious tension between them this could have been how she also knew that she had a shot at being with baby gay Emily despite the fact that she was with horrible Ben (gross) which would also bring her closer to the other liars.
    • Ali had a shit load of crazy things that she used for all of her lies right? What if one of those things was a blonde wig? (I'm not sure why she would need one but just roll with me) From that the blonde that Spencer saw stood in Alison's bedroom back then could have actually been Maya trying on the wig for some reason? It's unlikely but I've made a point of this for a theory that I'll be bringing up a little later. A more reasonable explanation for that scene is that it was Ali coming back to the house to try and recover a few of her personal belongings - which maybe she was seen doing by Maya who from that knew she was alive.
    • Maya wanted for people to find out about her relationship with Emily, when the two of them kissed in the photo booth and the photo's were stolen Maya wasn't actually bothered, if she had been a part of the A team (or even leading it) she could have been working with Mona and gotten her to steal those pictures for her so that she could use them against Emily to get her to come out. This is also how that angry letter from Emily to Ali about the kiss could have been left in the library during the storm when Wilden and the other liars find out about Emily's love for her. - She was probably jealous of how close Toby and Emily had gotten, wanting for them to be able to have that, especially since they went to homecoming together.
    • Maya worked in the cafe where the pig cupcakes were left for "Hefty Hanna" to eat, the money was in the bathroom and Maya would have known about the nickname and what Ali taught Hanna to do as well as being able to watch her from the cafe window.
    • When she left for Tru North she could have found out about Emily's growing feelings for Paige through Mona, which could have been what pushed her over the edge in her decision to get revenge on the liars. She's also shown to be friends with Jenna on a few occasions which could have been what sparked her desire to get revenge on them in the first place.
    • When Maya returned from Tru North she went out for dinner with Emily and Pam which is where we first heard of her "stalker". She was uncharacteristically an asshole at the meal going out of her way to make it uncomfortable, could be more to do with the fact that she's still angry with Emily for moving on momentarily whilst she was away.
    • The night of a thousand nights Emily ended up being with Holden, Jenna and Noel, all of whom are friends of Maya's, could she have been ordering them where to take her with them maybe knowing that shes still alive and finding a way of showing the liars that Alison was still alive?
    • Despite all that happened Maya probably did truly love Emily (because duh who wouldn't?!) which is why Maya warned Emily about getting out of the cabin that she was in with Nate (a very aggressive sounding warning might I add - which it would be if Maya was still mad at Em).
    • Maya could have been there the night of the cabin fire, and started it. The lighter left to frame Toby with the compass on had a compass on, which maybe could have been gotten from Tru North right? I know this ones a stretch but we did also know that Maya smokes.
    • When in Radley's children's ward Mona said to Aria and Hanna "Miss Aria you're a killer, not Ezra's wife" aka Maya Knew, what did she know? If I'm right it meant that she knew everything, which of course Mona knew too.
    • I suspect that when Maya "died" that she let Mona believe that she had died too, having somebody else supposedly take over from her. There's a chance that Mona had figured everything out, or was very close to figuring everything out which Maya kidnapped her after disusing herself as Ali in the (wait for it...) BLONDE WIG SHE FOUND IN ALI'S BEDROOM! (still unlikely but wouldn't that be a twist!) She disguised herself because she knew that Mona would have cameras set up around her house, and where the camera's would probably be too. Mona was surprised to see her then because she thought that Maya was dead! - Then fucked with Em's Christmas display (the nerve).

    • We know that Maya is excellent with computers, if you remember she set up an encrypted blog full of poems, photos and information, left in a way that the liars would be able to break into it - especially since there wasn't as much useful information as you would think.
    Now we've gotten that out of the way, that still leaves the question of how could she still be alive, we know that she's dead right? We've seen the killer, seen the body bag so she has to be gone. I don't think that is the case anymore. I can't take credit for these points as i didn't actually figure them out myself, I watched many conspiracy videos on YouTube about Maya being alive and protecting Emily which is where I got most of the facts from, Maya being A however is what I deducted myself afterwards although I'm sure I can't be alone.

    We know that Maya is friends with Jenna, Holden and Noel, maybe even being friends with them before coming to Rosewood somehow and if that's the case maybe even knowing who Ali is too. When Alison disappeared we eventually learnt that Noel had a part in that, if Maya knew about this - since she probably figured out Ali was alive or saw her in her room - maybe she spent her time at Tru North planning how she could make herself vanish also with the help of Noel. She may have even discussed this with Ali if my earlier theory was right where she was caught coming back to get some of her stuff from her room. We knew Noel had an involvement anyway when Maya ran away and was staying in the dank parts of his cabin.

    Even after she was "kidnapped" at the cabin who's to stay that she didn't actually continue to stay there afterwards? Everything we see is full of clues and hints. Now unless an error was made by the props department (which for real on a show like this how likely is that?) when the liars were going through Maya's belongings that they found in Noels cabin they found a bottle of prescription medicine in Maya's name, the date the prescription was given Maya was in May, which is interesting considering that she was supposedly killed around midnight between the 12th and 13th of April.

    Not only did Maya's disappearance exactly match that of Ali's even down to the song that played and the timing of the music with the discovery of the body being wheeled away in a body bag, the way the media on the show treated the news of Maya's disappearance matched.
    There have been 10 deaths to characters on this show.
    1. Bethany Young.
    2. Detective Wilden.
    3. Marian Cavanaugh.
    4. Ian Thomas.
    5. Lyndon James (Nate).
    6. Garrett Reynolds.
    7. Jessica DiLaurentis.
    8. Shana Fring.
    In all of these deaths the body was seen afterwards or have been confirmed as 100% deceased. There is two cases where this isn't - Alison who is very much still alive and Maya.

    Okay but then how do I explain Nate? I'm sure that when Maya was away at camp that she met Lyndon there with him actually falling in love with her, she still cared about Emily but if she went through with her disappearance then she would be distanced from her and unable to know how she was feeling. She could have explained her situation to Lyndon telling him her plan to make herself vanish and asked for him to pretend to be her cousin so that she could use him as a way to stay close to Em. After her plan was set into motion and Lyndon had agreed to be Nate I think that it all started to go wrong when Lyndon actually met Emily. There's a chance that he had some kind of mental health issue that caused violent and extremely obsessive behavior which is why he was sent to Tru North himself, something Maya may not have known about. So when Lyndon met Emily he became obsessed and possessive of her too, being jealous of her relationship with Paige which is why he kidnapped her and planned to kill her, which may not have been a part of Maya's plan.

    Although his story of being Nate was uncovered he then tried taking it a different route by then being honest about who he was, but continuing with his story of Maya being dead and him being involved somehow although at no point does he actually confess to killing her just that he was obsessed with her, which is then followed by his death.

    After watching the season 5 finale I am still convinced that A is Maya, even more so than ever in fact. I don't think that Charles is a part of the A team either.
    When "arguing" with Emily, Spencer brought up Maya, although it doesn't seem relevant maybe its Marlene Kings way of reminding us that she still is relevant. - I'm making a new post now on who Charles is theory.
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