Man of Steel review (spoilers)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Movies' started by Kristana, Jul 7, 2013.

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    I just watched Man of Steel and I thought I would post my thoughts on it.
    • The movie was pretty good. It wasn't as good as Christopher Reeve's Superman, but that might be nostalgia talking. That movie was pretty cheesy.
    • Krypton and all things Kryptonian had a very Engineers from Prometheus feel to it. The old metal structures, the bio-mechanical look to everything, the masks that the Kryptonians wear.
    • The big thing I noticed was all of the references to Superman II. Clark confronting the guy in the bar (which also had shades of Smallville with Clark wrecking his truck). The fight in Smallville with Faora and the tall Kryptonian. The fight between Zod and Superman at the construction site.
    Questions I had:
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    Kind of disappointed, because superman return was great. man of steel has this nostalgic feeling and indie about it which breaks away the usually superman. it could work, if it is about someone else. I say it is a 7/10.

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