"Lost And Found"

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    Short little intro (lesbian story following):
    Hello, my friends! I must apologize for my long hiatus away, there have been some things going on with me. I really must post more here and try to make my presence better-known, as the biggest thing that has happened to me recently is a self-realization of actually in fact being a trans-gender lesbian (in a straight man's body). I know a number of you out there have likely heard this one before, but it's true, accurate, and I'm merely stating it as an honest-to-goodness characteristic that's not meant to impress anyone or attract attention. Just who I am.

    Now to the real reason I posted in this part of the forum, a while back I posted the link to my "Lebbi In Me" essay on Literotica, where as you can possibly imagine I've written and posted quite a lot of originally written lesbian erotica. I'm hoping this could possibly turn into something more one day, but until then I'll keep honing. In choosing one of my stories to tell you about here, I've decided on this sweet Sapphic love story called "Lost And Found." I don't want to scare anyone with any of the REAL hardcore stuff.

    So this story I want to tell you about is a Thanksgiving-set tale about an unfortunate homeless lass who maneuvers her way through a twist of fate that changes her life. It's about fortune, luck, love, karma and compassion. There is a saucy, racy scene in it—it otherwise wouldn't be totally appropriate for the Literotica site—but in and around a lot of heartwarming content. I think it's one of my best efforts, lots of Readers seem to like it. If you'd like to read it, just please click here!: https://www.literotica.com/s/lost-and-found-34 (That's my username, Smokey125) If you go check it out, I hope you enjoy it! I've quite a variety of others I could eventually share as well if this attracts any positive attention. Thanks, everyone! —GEM

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