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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by SsweetExist, Sep 23, 2019.

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    So I need to get this out of my head and ask for some advice.
    I'll provide a brief background story....
    I have been with only women for most of my life, I then met a guy and after some years we got together.
    I have been with my boyfriend for about 5 years, we have a lot of fun and he has known about my past.
    The advice I am after is 2 parts:

    1. recently I have been thinking about being with women more and its making me question my relationship as much as it is amazing its just not a woman and how women feel, look etc. Do I have a conversation with my boyfriend about this? Or how would I have a conversation with him without him feeling like he is not meeting my needs and not satisfying me.

    2. So with the above feelings there has been someone at work who has turned my head, never usually happens. We have briefly chatted via Instagram and flirted through chats at work. We do have a lot in common and even as a friend we would get on. Friends at work knew how I felt and this woman made it clear how she felt about me.
    Sadly now she has now left the business randomly. If she doesn't message me on insta how many days should I leave it to see if she is OK? Or should I not at all?

    Literally my head is about to explode as I can't seem to talk to anyone about it as they all know my boyfriend. I feel like Shane out of L word when she stopped being with women physically hahhaa

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    I would honestly have a conversation with your boyfriend. Don’t say anything about you thinking of breaking it off. Just say you’ve been thinking about women and how much you used to like to be with women and why. I would only bring the fact that you would want to end it to go pursue women again if you are serious about ending that long-term relationship. You have to take into consideration all that you currently share together, whether you live together and just how much you depend on each other for livelihood. 5 years is a long time to up and end it with someone over that woman at work especially if she just up and disappeared and you don’t know her like the back of your hand like your boyfriend. So if you want to break things off to actually start seeing women again because you think it will make you happy then do it for your happiness and your future not just for that chick. Because now that woman from work left and now you have to ask yourself were these thoughts of ending it with him being provoked because you actually want to end it all with him to be serious towards having a relationship with women, or because of her. But yeah, I would hit her up and see what happened with her and where she went and is she okay. If things are cool and conversation is flowing naturally and nicely again, ask her to hang out. But do have that conversation with your boyfriend before you start trying to chase her down after figuring out if she’s all good.
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    Yep, 2nd that, don't do it for the office flirt. She piqued you, now it is time to get some counseling for yourself, and figure out how to talk to your guy.
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