Loosely based Cersei/Taena fanfic (A Feast For Crows)

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    Names have been changed, personalities a lot less evil. This is my first try at fanfiction....be kind :)

    Queen Sera exhaled a heavy sigh as she closed the doors to her apartments behind her. The stress of the past few hours weighed heavily on her, so much so that her neck had begun to stiffen. It was still yet early morning and the moonlight shone through her large windows as a slight spring breeze drifted in the room carrying the sweet aroma of jasmine. Her gaze descended to the sleeping figure in her bed, only half covered. Lady Tyene had been her constant companion of late, and served as a loyal confidant. Her wit and sharp tongue for gossip amused the queen, and the lady was well suited for court because of her beauty and charm. She quietly padded to the bed and sat beside the sleeping lady. The queen sat still, watching the woman’s body slowly undulate in concert with her breath, and after a while took a solitary finger and traced ever so lightly the curve of her back. Tyene stirred slightly, shifting toward queen but remaining mostly asleep. Sera, gazing down at her face, was suddenly overcome by her beauty and felt a slow quiver spread through her body. She brushed the ringlets of dark raven hair out of Tyene’s face, and touched her naked shoulder and back full on with her hand. She had never before touched a woman in this manner, and she could feel her desire grow stronger as if she were overtaken by an unseen force. The woman opened her eyes and gazed sleepily at the queen, not recoiling from her touch but instead pressing into it. Her back arched slightly revealing the full breadth of her breasts. Sera ran her finger lightly over her nipple, feeling it immediately harden. Tyene’s response to the queen’s touch was like a lightening strike that seemed to heighten her every sense. The lady did not say a word, but instead sat up and looked into the queen’s eyes and kissed her lightly on her cheek, and then her neck. The queen responded by kissing Tyene full on her mouth and was immediately enamored by taste of her, and the softness of her lips. Sera bit down slightly on her bottom lip causing a low moan to erupt from the lady. The very sound of Tyene’s moan sent the queen’s desire aflame, and she pushed her lover back onto the bed.

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