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    As I'm sitting in my pajamas on another Saturday night, wandering amongst this amazing site and listening to music which is the typical; I just thought that I'd talk about some stuff which would be better to get out than really keep inside for longer and continuously torture myself despite knowing that it isn’t good for me.

    Today I saw this cute lesbian couple holding hands and kissing, and my mind immediately went to the screaming thought of why can’t I have that? I’ve been single for..*counts on fingers* 5 years now and my last breakup came at a really terrible time because I unfortunately lost my mom a few months after my girlfriend at the time decided to call it quits so that wasn’t an easy time for me to handle, spent the last four years trying to go through my life and try to get back to doing things instead of just being a broken girl trapped in a vicious cycle that always ends in a pity party.

    Feels like my life is like the song Everything You Want by Vertical Horizon where it goes.. “I say all the right things at exactly the right time but I mean nothing to you and I don’t know why.”

    So, I guess I’m just kind of wondering how to break this cycle because I feel stuck and I want to move on to other things, get back into the dating scene despite the fact that it’s never been easy for me to meet people and if anyone want to know the reasoning why, they can feel free to ask.

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