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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Zarco Nimmo, Jan 5, 2014.

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    Hi. I enjoy the AfterEllen site and I've just joined its forums so I could read the discussions here and perhaps take part in them sometimes. By way of introducing myself, I'd like to present this little essay which reflects my attitude toward women-loving women:

    Lesbianism - that is, the inclination of a woman to seek romantic, sexual and spiritual satisfaction in companionship with another woman - is a marvelous gift conferred by nature upon a few very lucky women, and those women who are blessed with this gift should be able to act upon it to the fullest extent of their abilities and opportunities. A society in which such women can be themselves without fear of repression is a healthy and progressive society, and we should do what we can, in large matters and small, to bring about such a society or to make the one in which we live more like it. To do so would be to abide by the desire of Mother Nature, who sends lesbians into the world for her own pleasure and for the pleasure of those who recognize the beauty of erotic love between women.

    Thanks for reading. See you around!


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