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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by pillowlady143, Sep 28, 2014.

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    Hi all,

    I've been in this long distance relationship since 2010 we met through here AE. Since then we are inseparable not physical obviously but through online. We talk almost everyday but I admit of that 4 years we rarely do skype nor talk on the phone live. Simply because we are shy or whatnot. Our relationship is on and off that 4 years she had other relationship on the way. The last time we broke up I thought I already move on we did not talk for awhile not till 8 months I think. That's when I received a message in facebook from her and ask me about how life going on with me... She told me how she was thinking about me when she's in the other relationship....and we started talking again and be in this stage again of LDR. We grown alot over the year. I know she's the one for me but I'm afraid I could not make my promise of coming to her since getting visa is very hard here in the Philippines. I know I'm the older one I'm the one supposed to be coming to her. There come a time that I wont talk to her trying to get away from her is the easiest way but I'm wrong. Each time i did that's when she will message me how much she love me, wants to be with me and so and so... its like she's reading my mind eventhough I haven't tell her what am I thinking. She didn't want to go here the country just to first meet me well I guess because she had no means of going here as she told me. If only I had the visa I will do everything to save up just to be with her. Both of us are holding on and no one is ever think of letting go. I crying so hard for help I hope someone could read this and help me find a way to my one and only love...

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    Just out of curiosity, what country is she from?

    Anyway if you haven't met, things could be different as opposed to if you have met in real life. People aren't necessarily the images that we build in our heads of people and they may give off different vibes in person compared to real life. If she doesn't want to meet you then it's probably time to let go... you will find someone who loves you and deserves you.

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