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    Olivia & Ginger (Olivia/Ginger)(canon...sorta)
    Agent Olivia Dunham of the FBI is tracking a man who kills people by infecting them with his suicidal tendencies. During the course of the investigation Olivia psychically melds with the man. When he visits a strip club we see her instead of him. S/he infects one of the strippers with his/her excitement and gets her to go back to his apartment. Olivia then has sex with the stripper, Ginger, by gestalt.

    Law & Order: SVU
    Alivia (Benson/Cabot)(noncanon)(*)
    Olivia Benson is a detective for New York's Special Victim's Unit. Alexandra Cabot is the district attorney who prosecutes their cases. (Honestly, I don't know much else. Somebody help me with this one.)

    Nikki & Nora: The N & N Files

    Nikki & Nora (Nikki/Nora)(canon)(*)
    Nikki Beaumont is an upper crust daughter of wealthy socialites. Nora Delaney is the blue collar daughter of cops. The two are former partners in the NOPD, private detectives, and lovers. Nikki is out to her family who seem to be grudgingly accepting. Nora is out to her brother, but still in the closet to her parents.
    (This is info garnered from watching the unaired pilot and some info learned from the new series.)

    Rizzoli & Isles
    Rizzles (Jane/Maura)(noncanon)
    Jane is a Boston homicide detective. Maura is the Chief Medical Examiner of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The two are LLBFFs (define that how you will), they sleep over at each other's houses, wear each others clothes, get dressed in front of each other, attempt to cockblock each other at every opportunity, and have smoking hot eye sex. However, remember that they are just friends.

    Rookie Blue
    Golly (Gail/Holly)(canon)
    Gail is a cop in Toronto's 15 Division who has a long history of self-sabotaging her relationships with men. Holly is a forensic specialist and a lesbian. The two meet on a case and are instantly struck by each other. Holly is able to easily overcome Gail's abrasive personality, and Gail is attracted to Holly's weirdness. Despite being straight Gail is drawn closer and closer to Holly over the coming weeks. Eventually, during an emotional time when Gail's division is being hunted, Gail and Holly kiss. Gail initially panics over the thought of her friends knowing she's involved with a woman, but her friend's support (and already knowing about it) allows Gail to introduce Holly to her brother and friends.
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