LGBT and Female Representation in Literature: MORE PLEASE!

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by CrowsOnHearts, May 10, 2016.

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    Hey ! I'm Aubrey and I curated an illustrated book for short stories called Crows on Heartstrings.
    I'll be direct, if you're reading this: I need your help.

    The theme of the book is doomed love stories and it is made by creators from all over the world. (Mostly Women, and Mostly LGBT+)

    I wanted to curate a book where female and lgbt characters weren't gimmicks, bait, or people who died to further a cishet whiteboy's character arc.

    So I rounded up a bunch of kickass ladies to write and illustrate short stories about doomed love, stories that traditional publishing doesn't give to LGBT characters. The premise was to represent characters as people without reducing them to their sexuality, while also not erasing their struggles.

    If this interests you, please, this is where I need your help. We. All 26 of our contributors need your help. We have a kickstarter with only 7 days left.

    Click here to see more of the art involved, bits of the stories, and everything we need in our kickstarter

    We just want to show mainstream and traditional publishers that these are the characters we want to see in our novels, and they should absolutely be diversifying books so everyone can enjoy the stories, and crush on the characters, cry when something bad happens to them, and hate the jerks who did it to them.

    Also, if you have any ideas on how to spread the word, please let me know.
    I created a thread so you can ask me any and all questions :D

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