Lesbian Wedding Gone Bad

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by militarymoose, Jan 14, 2014.

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    Nov 19, 2013
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    So, I got married last Friday... and my redneck family from TN...were so wonderful and perfect and were really sweet to me and my new wife.

    My fiance's parents...who are midwestern liberals...really fucked up everything. How?

    They didn't get a single picture with my wife and I.

    We went to a shopping mall after the wedding (a place we were going to meet up before we picked dinner) and they chose the rain forest cafe inside the mall. I don't know if you've ever been there, but it's absolutely not where you want to be the night of your wedding. Screaming servers, children everywhere, extremely expensive and mediocre entrees, flashing lights and rainforest animals. Maybe I should mention we chose to rent out an art museum in Minnesota for the ceremony & reception to keep it fun but classy. Rainforest cafe...not classy at all. I got seated next to my fiance's sister who I have been fighting with for over a month. A whole different story...to sum that up, my wife's sister is married to an asshole. He called my wife's mother "fucking dumb" or tells her to "fuck off" while we're spending time together at their house on football Sundays. Not the kind of guy you would want at your wedding, so we didn't invite him...which led to drama and now my wife and her sister hate each other. Drama, I know.

    The last thing besides her parents not coming up to us to get pictures or even caring or talking to us the 5 days we were in Minnesota for the wedding...they gave us a lot less money than they gave her two other siblings for their weddings. My wife's sister and my wife used to get along okay, and when she got married about 8 years ago, she told us that her parents gave them $3000 towards an open bar at the wedding. My wife's brother mentioned privately at one point that his parents gave them $3000 for their honeymoon. They gave us a really impersonal card and $1000...which is fine because I don't *expect* that from anyone. But isn't that weird?

    Our wedding was small...because my family in TN hates gay people too much to "expose their families" to a gay wedding. It's like we're being punished for having less supportive families.

    So, what gives? I honestly can't bring this up to anyone but my new wife spent our wedding night crying because she didn't understand why her parents were being so selfish and impersonal. Seriously. No wedding night sex, just beer and crying and watching House Hunters in the hotel.

    Opinions? Comments?


    B :?
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    oh dear, Militarymoose,

    I am sorry to hear that. I read your last request before the nuptials and I did not comment because I had no ideas. I should have at least congratulated you. So, despite the family members dust up, I wish you and your new bride a very happy union and life together. I wish that me and other AE'ers could have been there to cheer you two on at the wedding because I for one would be grateful to witness a fun couple in love. I am also grateful to you for the service to our country and I believe all military should be treated like the shinning knights that they are. For aye I am a wimp and I would lose a fight to a cockroach. I am sorry you have to battle relatives on your very beautiful day. I hope you can edit all that out and remember something good from it. I hope you can at least have a redo on your honeymoon, even if it is at your home. I am sure once you two good people settle in, you will be able to leave the negative relatives behind.

    *big hugs for you and your bride* and take care
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    Congratulations on getting married!

    I'm sorry to read about what happened with your relatives. The silver lining is that at least your 'redneck' family were really nice and supportive of you during your day. Bless them.

    As for your wife's family, I guess they're not as liberal as you think if they behaved that way. They sound kind of messed up, especially your brother in law. I can understand why your sister in law would be upset that you didn't invite him though. Hopefully they will all come around, in good time.

    Sometimes it's best to leave your negative relatives behind, because you two don't really need that.

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