Lesbian "Fashion" (flannel stereotype?)

Discussion in 'Surveys and Questionnnaires' started by _mirage_, May 4, 2014.

  1. _mirage_

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    Aug 14, 2013
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    This is not really a 'real survey.' :p

    I've had a friend recently tell me that I'm way out of control with my flannels, skinny jeans, and converse! I wear comfy clothes for my job and pleasure, so honestly, I put no thought into what I wear. But, my friend so lovingly pointed out that I was stereotypical, haha.

    So, we all know that lesbians are people and we wear what we want and much like everyone else, our fashion is not limited.

    But...does anyone find themselves slipping into the stereotype by accident? What do you wear? Is there something about you that is 'stereotypical?' What fashion do you think of when you think 'lesbian?'
  2. invincible

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    Jul 3, 2013
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    I wear jeans and shirts a lot since work is informal. No flannels. Well, I have one but it's not something I'd wear outside of the house. I usually wear Converse too. I don't think it's the stereotype where I am because I know of a lot of straight girls here that wear the same thing.
  3. savetonight

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    Dec 12, 2014
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    I have so many flannels because they are comfortable but never ever wear it at the first date:) That's a danger that you both wear the same ugly shirt , haha :)
  4. Tato

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    Feb 11, 2015
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    I always wear whatever I like. I only find the issue about clothing when looking for a job. I am butch and I really can't imagine myself wearing heels, skirts or womens shirt, even the thought of it kills me. :( I guess thats the reason I can't find a proper job coz they always look at me as if I'm from another planet if I go to interviews with flat shoes, pants and boyish shirts.
  5. sundancer

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    Jul 4, 2013
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    I don't wear flannel. I would only wear it if I'm desperate, it's completely not my thing. I'm more of a t-shirt and jeans girl for casual wear. For more office wear I would wear flat shoes or boots, pants, and I have a mix of collared business shirts to more feminine ones. I used to wear what my fashionista ex-housemate calls 'harder' materials which are more masculine for the collared shirts, but I do find that the 'softer' materials fit me as well.

    I don't think it really matters as long as you dress appropriately for the occasion or the location and you feel comfortable in it. It would really irk me if someone wore e.g. really casual clothes to a black tie event or a fine dining restaurant unless I/they really couldn't help it.
  6. entertainmentguruwannabe

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    Mar 27, 2015
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    The flannel thing kills me because I get so annoyed with it being the stereotype (for instance, I have a friend who wears flannel constantly. She's not gay, but everyone assumes she is. Just 'cuz of the flannel. How stupid is that!) and yet...I love flannel and own some. =_=;

    I do think I fall into the lesbian stereotypes slightly just because I like casual wear/tomboyish clothes a lot! My style revolves around comfort and not being "stylish" if that makes any sense. I'm into the geek reference t shirts and jeans, and then just different assortments of tomboyish outerwear - jackets, recently button ups that you can wear open and casual, and of course, my #1 - hoodies.

    I am trying to go for some different looks nowadays, but I generally keep it comfortable and laid back, even @ work 'cuz in the "creative" industry, this is the norm. Actually wearing business-like clothing is generally not, unless you are the executive-type.

    Favorite stores to shop @ anyone? My top 2 of now (beyond online shopping/and yes, still Hot Topic for t shirts) is Tilly's and Zumiez. I think skate stores are some of the only places where they actually sell things in the girls section for tomboyish looks. Not that I mind cross dressing, cuz I've been known to buy things in the guys section as well, but I generally don't like doing that because the clothing never fits!
  7. Shortstack_Bri

    Apr 19, 2015
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    I live in MN, pretty much everyone here owns at least one flannel (at least) and they are a staple of my fall/winter wardrobe. I'm fairly femmey though, so...idk. I guess I fit a stereotype but flannel is a super hipster thing here too, so where I live, I'm less of a lesbian stereotype and more of a hipster stereotype (which I hate, because I'm not a hipster).
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