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    Hi lovelies,
    I am so excited to announce my first book in the Unexpected Series is finally available to buy on Amazon. I came out at uni and books like this really helped me!


    April Fields is an awkward twenty year old, who, up until recently travelled the world with her mum. After the tragic death of her dad, the two fly back to England where they discover they've been left his entire estate. April's mum decides it's time for her daughter to have more stability and April is quickly thrown into the world of university - A foreign world filled with studying, alcohol and relationships.

    Here she meets her Biology tutor, Rachel Carter, and the two form a close friendship. After a drunk kiss between the two women, April struggles to come to terms with her sexuality, having never thought of women in that way.

    The two embark on a confusing journey to discover their feelings and try to find a way to be together. The book attempts to deal with discovering your sexuality and coming out to friends and family in an uplifting way.

    Pick up a copy and let me know what you think. You can also follow the journey on Instagram. Post a pick of yourself with the book and I'll share it to the page :)


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