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    I have been rewatching PLL from episode one and this is the conclusion I have come to.

    There are two teams, Team-A and Team-Ali. Both teams send texts signed "-A".

    A's team has been trying to hurt the girls in order to draw Ali out into the open.

    Ali's team have been working to frustrate A's plans.

    Some of the texts have been from A, the others have been from Ali.

    Mona, Lucas, Toby and Spencer were all recruited by Ali, not A even though they thought they were working for A. In truth they were actually working to derail A's plans.

    The question is who are on the A team and who ar on Ali's team?

    My thoughts are Ezra, Melissa, Wilden, Jenna? are all genuinely with A against Ali.

    I think Spencer originally helped Ali fake her death and probably also helped Ali steal her corpse in case someone discovered it was not her during Garret's murder trial.

    So that would mean Spencer drugged the girls when Ali dissappeared and when Ali's grave was robbed.

    My best guess for A right now is Dianne Fitzgerald -Ezra's mom.

    I think the reason she wants Ali dead has not yet been revealed but I probably has something to do with:

    1) Toby's mom.
    2) Ali blackmailing Dianne (or maybe Ezra).
    3) Maybe some weird shenanigans at Radley Mental Institute involving children in the basement.

    I still have to re-watch season 4 so far.

    Oh and using freeze frame on the video - Mona so copped a feel from Hanna on the Halloween Train.


    Ali has Ezra's baby?

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