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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by Februarystern, Jun 5, 2020.

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    I have this friend. A friend I've known for more than five months. We get to know each other on Twitter. We keep texting every day and mostly all day. We are friendly maybe sometimes we flirt with each other lightly. We met 4 times during that time. It´s hard to find the time sometimes. We kissed each other always we met. But it was always welcome kiss or goodbye kiss but they were romantic kiss for sure. I am little shy but I like her a lot and I think I fell in love with her because it is so easy to love her. She is shy too. It is not clear for me if she likes me or not. She keeps sending mixed signals. I even saw that she doesn´t kiss her old time friend. What could that mean? She is kissing me just like that without plan or some label. I know that the easiest way how to find out is to ask her. I will do it I swear but I want to know someone´s opinion too. Thnks
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    Your line “I think I fell in love with her because it is so easy to love her” is absolutely beautiful. You write that the kisses are romantic for sure, but you are still questioning what is occurring between you two. When you say “kiss,” are we talking on the lips or cheek? If she is romantically kissing you on the lips, that definitely sounds like it could be something; however, you throw a wrench in that notion when you write that she sends mixed signals. It is very possible that there is something romantic occurring between you two and she does not know how to deal with it because you are her first experience with a woman. It is also very possible that you misconstrued the occurrences that transpire between you two to mean something that is not there. If you are thinking about telling her, feel it out first because you do not want to scare her away.

    Look at it like this, If you tell her, you could be terribly wrong and embarrassed and end a what … five-month friendship? However, if you tell her and she does feel the same way, it could turn into a beautiful journey that forms into a relationship. No matter what, if you tell her, it will be out in the open and you will not have to worry and question and dissect every little interaction that transpires between you two. You will have the truth.

    Good luck with this

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