Just being Friendly or flirting!?!? Need hlep

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by lucylex2, Sep 16, 2013.

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    There is this girl at work that has been working at my job now for a month. I've never really had a chance to talk to her or even flirted with her myself. She came out for drinks with coworkers and friends that I also attended. We talked to different people for like the first half hour. She then came and sat down next to me and we both did some light conversation with each other but also with other people at the table. Then we started talking more to each other, constant eye contact throughout and I didn't think much of it until she said 'Tell me more about yourself, what are you about' so I told her about me and then I asked about her. During the conversation she touched my arm a couple times told me I was funny. Then a friend and I walked her to her car and I commented on how much I liked it and that I to wanted the same car myself and she said in a very flirtatious tone "oh you know you want it". It wasn't until then that I realized or thought she was flirting. The next day we worked together for a little bit. At one point she touched my lower back to grab something from underneath where I was standing, asked how the rest of my night was, and then she stood next to me for a few minutes while I was helping a customer with her body turned to me the whole time. It seemed as though she seeked me out when we were at the bar, but also at work. I feel as though she gives me more attention than any of the other people we work with. I typically know when someone is flirting with me which I feel like she is hardcore. The thing is I finally added her on fb and see that it says straight for what she identifies as. She does not seem straight even from looking at her. She is really cute, and I don't want to flirt back or have this intense crush if she is straight. Ugh I don't know what to do. Someone help!!!! Need advice. Has anyone dealt with this before?
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    Re: Just being Friendly or flirting!?!? Need ...

    Ask her out to lunch or ffter work drinks. Get to know her more and ask her subtle questions to find out if she's gay too. Or she might just be curious and thinks youre cute. This has happened to me so many times. I think a girl is super cute but don't approach because I believe she's straight. Next I know, she says if she wasnt with her boyfriend...well you know. Women can be very fluid and mysterious. So just ask her out, smile at her a lot, compliment her, flirt to see her reaction and then make your judgement. Good luck! Let us know how that date goes ;)

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