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    I don't think I really need an advice since I have already made up my mind about it. I just want to share my story to see what you would think about it.

    She was my first girlfriend. We were really close friends until I felt a big crush on her and I confessed my feelings. She felt the same way. We started exploring our sexuality and began our relationship. But it was 10 years ago. We were 15. I was not ready to come out. We ended things badly for both of us and our families.

    Time passed. She went to school in another state. I stayed in the same old town. We moved on to many other failed romance but we still stay in touch. I would see her every now and then when she was back in town for breaks. Yet nothing has ever happened or felt differently. She was just an old friend.

    After she got her degree, she has moved back in town. Everything about her is new to me. After hanging out with her a couple times, I feel like I'm in love with her again. In love with someone familiar yet new. And she knows how I feel about her. Though she does not admit how she feels, I can tell that it's more than just reminiscing her past feelings. We have been talking and seeing each other often.

    Here's the complication, she is in a 3 year relationship with her girlfriend. And they have decided to move back to the other state very soon. So I have decided that I would not act on my feelings and complicate her relationship. I've tried to avoid her but we keep seeing each other through mutual friends' gatherings. Somehow I feel that she is still leading me on while reaffirming that she would not cheat on her girlfriend.

    The story doesn't end here. Her mother have noticed that we have been seeing each other often and warned her girlfriend about me. So her girlfriend has been asking questions and suspecting. Our group of friends have planned a trip together for new year. So my story will continue after a couple weeks.

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