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    Hello! I’ve been a long-time follower of AfterEllen and wanted to share my publications with some of (the few) ladies left on the fourms… This is my first go at officially publishing one of my stories…. This is a short passage from a series about the main characters, Isabella and Brook. This particular excerpt is written from Brook’s perspective… Hope you ladies enjoy! Any feedback is much appreciated!


    I woke up in the middle of the night after a vivid dream and couldn’t get back to sleep. I tried reading my book and admired Isabella as she slept, the sheets half covering her naked body. I felt like the luckiest woman alive to be able to call Izzy my fiancée, her long red hear, blue eyes, and sexy Australian accent made my heart melt. As I drifted back to sleep, I reminisced on the first time I met her. We were on the local beach, our dogs started to play together. We made casual conversation; while I tried my best to not obviously ogle her perfect 5’6 110lb frame in her nearly absent bikini.

    I awoke in the morning to the feeling of Izzy’s hand rubbing my inner thigh as she kissed the back of my neck. “Good morning love”, she whispered as she dragged her bottom lip across my neck to beneath my ear; knowing kissing and whispering in my ear were my ultimate turn-ons. Her hand traveled up my body as she began rubbing my back and gently kissed under my earlobe. “I’ve been craving you” she said between kisses; giving me goosebumps while she pressed her body against my back and massaged my breasts. “You were in my dreams last night” I said smiling, and reached back to pull her closer. I could feel her Size C 36 breasts and hard nipples pressed on my back. “How can I make your dreams a reality?” she asked; gently tracing the tattoo that runs down my rib cage to my pelvic bone with her hand. I flipped to face her and tucked her hair behind her ear; “you already have” I said kissing her on the lips.

    She slid her leg between my thighs and swiftly maneuvered on top of me. I gently bit her lip as she tried to pull away. She grabbed my hands and held them above my head. “Is that how you wanna play?” she asked, as she started kissing me up my neck and dragged her teeth along my earlobe. “oh fuck” I moaned as I thrust my hips on her thigh, trying my best to get some contact on my clit. “I don’t think so” she whispered seductively and stuck her tongue in my ear. “Ahhh! What was that?!” I laughed and squirmed out of her hold. “What?!” Izzy playfully smirked and laughed, as she grabbed my face and looked into my green eyes. “I fucking love you Brook” she said and kissed me on the lips. “Your body is so sexy” she said while moving her attention to my B 34 breasts, teasing my nipples with her tongue.

    “I need you to fuck me Izzy, you’re driving me crazy.” I said in between moans. “Am I?” she replied; and started kissing down my stomach, her hands rubbing my inner thigh and occasionally lightly brushing against my clit. “Mmm you fucking tease!” I whispered. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” She replied, kissing down my ab crack. “I love making you squirm” she said, and slowly dipped her middle finger into my pussy, softly biting my clit at the same time. “Oh fuck!” I managed to mumble, breathing heavily, and digging my nails into her back. She arched in responce forcing her face deeper into my pussy. She curled her finger towards my g spot, and slowly circled my clit with her tongue. “Mmm, you’re so wet, I love your sweet taste.” she said, while deliberately sucking and licking my clit; her lips and tongue vibrating as she moaned. I ran my hands through her hair, and couldn’t help bucking my hips. “You make me feel so good baby” I said, as she slowly inserted her ring finger. I fell back against the pillows and my eyes clouded with lust.

    She started kissing up my stomach, dragging her bottom lip along my flesh; while expertly finger fucking my pussy. “Oh god” I moaned, “don’t stop!” She moved her lips up to my sweet spot beneath my ear; “How do you want it Bea?” she whispered breathing heavily. “Harder Izzy, fuck me harder!” I moaned. She moved her thigh up to her left hand, curling her fingers deeper into my pussy, and massaged my tits with her right hand. “Mmmm you’re gonna make me cum baby, oh fuck!” I couldn’t control my bucking against her. She began kissing me on the lips, our tongues dancing and playing tag. I felt all the sexual pleasure building to a climax and wrapped my legs around her back and she clasped onto my g spot rubbing it with her two fingers and massaging my clit with her thumb. The walls of my pussy started gripping around her fingers and she kissed me harder. “Oh god baby, you know just how to fuck me!” I moaned as she bit my bottom lip; “Mmmm yes!” I screamed as I felt myself cum. “You’re such a sexy bitch Brook” Izzy whispered in my ear, resting herself beside me with her fingers still deep in my cunt. She slowly took her fingers out, gently rubbing against my clit as she moved her hand along the line along my toned stomach. She brought her fingers to her mouth and began sucking my juices off her fingers, “I love your taste” she seductively whispered.
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