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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by joey87, Sep 11, 2016.

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    Hi everyone.

    I went on a date last week, the first one in a long time and we appeared to hit it off...we went for coffee and ended up chatting for three hours. Upon leaving, she smiled, gave me a hug and paused before getting on the train. I wasn't expecting to kiss her, we had both talked about how we wanted to go slow with any new potential relationship but there was definitely a moment.

    When I got home she asked me out again and we made plans for Tuesday, which had to be rescheduled because she was ill. She asked if she could tag along on my day off on Friday, which I agreed to and we spent the rest of the week messaging and engaging in a bit of flirty banter. She messaged Thursday saying she was looking forward to seeing me and was really keen to get to know me better.

    All seems positive no? Friday, an hour before we were due to meet, I got a txt saying that she didn't want to mess me around and wouldn't be turning up. She talked about how she's very complicated and isn't sure that's what I need.

    I messaged to say if that's what she thought then maybe we could be friends, but she didn't reply. I messaged again to say that I was surprised by her reaction as it seemed we were both excited to met up again but that I respected her decision and would miss messaging and talking to her.

    She replied pretty immediately and seemed to be very anxious about the date and freaked herself out a bit. When I explained that going slow and getting to know each other was all that was on my agenda, she apologized for the freak out and asked for a do over.

    We went out yesterday but she never addressed what happened Friday and conversation felt stifled. I asked if she wanted to go to something we had planned for next week and said she was under no pressure to go with me but it would be good to know if I should keep it in my diary. She said she wanted to go and that she didn't feel pressured to go. We talked more freely on the train home and she appeared to warm up. I walked her to her bus stop and she gave me a big hug and said she'd message me on the train. She messaged briefly and I've heard nothing today so not sure if she's freaked herself out again or not.

    I like her and am more than happy to take things slowly but the whole 48 hours have left me very confused and I think I've been getting some mixed messages. Please feel free to ask me some questions if I haven't been very clear in my explanation of events? I'm still making sense of the weekend.
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    Do something to take your mind of this girl. It seems like she's going through something and just needs to take stock and go slowly. If you keep messaging and whatever she's going to back off further.

    Go for a walk, binge a series, see some friends. Whatever stops you from picking up the phone and getting in touch. Give her some space and let her contact you. If she doesn't, chalk it up to experience and know it's nothing you've done. She's going through something that you're not privy to.
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