Is she trying to tell me something?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by NoName, Sep 13, 2013.

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    I am a female and a female married friend has sent me a couple of pictures of random things to show me. In the background of the photo the friend will hold up another item made of rainbow stripes. Example: she sends me a picture and says, "Look at this widget that I found." She has the camera focused on the widget, and behind the widget, she holds up a strip of paper made of rainbow colors. I do not want to assume that rainbow means gay because some people just like rainbows. I do not want to be rude and just ask her. What if she just likes rainbow coin purses (used in the background on a photo) etc? I never see her with rainbow items any other time and she does not have any out where you can see them in her home. She only shows them to me in her pictures. For instance, I never see her with the coin purse. She only showed it in the picture. I have never mentioned the rainbow items used in the photos and neither has she.

    She also mentioned that me giving her pictures of myself is great and she wants more pictures. I have only given her a couple of pictures. Another thing is when I ask her to send me a specific picture of something, she will include herself in the picture. I am thinking that she can just show me the object and she does not need to be in the picture.

    What do you think? I just find it odd that she keeps awkwardly holding up rainbow items in her photos.
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    Maybe she just really likes rainbows. Does she know that you're gay? If she does, you could say something like "hey with al these rainbows it's like a gay parade here! Haha" or something...

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