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    Hey everybody, i'n not really good at explaining stuff and talking about me but I think i really need your advice.
    First of all, I'm a waitress at this english pub in paris and i kinda notice this girl a few month back but I didn't know what to think about it. For me she was very pretty but straight. Then a week or two ago a really good friend of mine, Q, told me she was gay, she has been in a relationship with a girl for a year or so. So i thought I could give it a try. I use to talk to her from time to time and a week ago I casually invited her to go see the new hunger games, pretty safe move. Ao we exchange number and all. Plan to go but it'a tough since I'm living at night and she is a student , studying her finals and all.
    So we figure we could meet for the movie. Then she told me that that she promise Q and her little sister to see the movie. In the meantime she invite me to a little show a coworker of mine is doing. I went, we had a very good time, stand close to her and we teased each others. She even drove me back home, i live like 30min away from her or something like that. I was a bit tipsy and the whole way I was just thinking about kissing her. But i still wanna enjoy getting to know her and having no pressure.
    She was supposed to come ice skating last night but had to study, and propose to meet tonight and buy me a drink. She cane, but I had a drink already. So I told her she still have to buy me one. She asked questions about me and stuff, i did the same. But she is really discreet. I never had a girlfriend before. i wanna know her. I want it to work but i an a bit scared.
    She is coming back tomorrow night. Then has to study a bit this week. So i may be seeing her sometimes next week. I have a smile on just thinking about her. How lame hahaha

    Help me. I don't know what to do.

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