Is it a date or hanging out?

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by Aftersun, Feb 20, 2020.

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    I came out a few years ago and it has always been really hard to date as all my friends are straight and married and I am really feminine (it's annoying how many strangers question it at the start!)y Last year, I met some people (thank you tinder) and had a couple of new dates. I came across this woman who I really liked on one of their social media pages. She had been in a serious relationship for quite a number of years so was new to dating also. I went out as a friend with one woman I met online (we knew we were just good as friends and realised she had went on one date before with this woman I liked. She told this woman I quite liked her but she was dating someone at the time, however she met us out with her friends. We got on really well but as it was in a group it was hard to chat just the two of us too and also she was dating someone. However a week later she text me to say my friend had gave my number to her to keep it touch and she said it was really nice to meet me. Last week our mutual friend arranged to meet us both for dinner. I have never laughed so much before with someone and felt a really strong connection. We both spoke about recent dates. I went on one a few weeks ago and she told me that the person she was with wasn't working out so she knew herself she would have to finish it. They were just dating one month so it wasn't for long! The night was one of the best times I've ever had.However, our mutual friend ended up telling us separately that she liked both of us. I don't know this mutual friend long (perhaps 5 weeks) and I've told her I just think we are good as friends. However anytime I meet up she says this to me and every woman around her so I now think it's best I cut contact as it's really uncomfortable. The first time she wouldn't take no for an answer and kept trying to kiss me, I didn't get mad as I thought she just had alot of alcohol but as it was the second time I just had enough.
    Anyway, me and this woman who I like, shared a cab home and she said she would love to meet for tea some time. She text me again when she was home and mentioned it. I know she was a busy person so I said I would love too and to let me know when she was free. This week she text me and asked me to meet for some food. Yet again I had the best night! She was driving so just had one glass of wine. She told me she had finished with the woman she was dating and asked about mine. I told her I had just one date but she was quite busy so was hard to meet again. She asked me would I meet the girl I had the date with again and I was honest and said I would as she was lovely but it was hard also to get to know each other as it was 3 weeks previous. She told me she would always find it impossible to make the first move and I laughed as I am the exact same and sometimes it hard with some people to know if they like you. Some women I've dated I know they do as they are quite full on but with my recent date I told her I wasn't sure until she kissed me. When the bill arrived I tried to take it but she refused and paid for it all. Yet again she text me when she came home. She lives near an amazing beach which I've never been too so mentioned to let me know when she was next free and we could do that walk and I owed her dinner. The next morning she asked me to meet in 3 days time and has sent a few texts since. What my question is, is this a date? Is she interested or just as friends? I don't want to mention anything in case she think 'oh yet again another full on oddball', as we have both had our share of extremely intense women. But my friend pointed out that our mutual friend at the time had told her I was interested in her so why would she put herself in an uncomfortable position if she didn't like me. I really like this woman. Honestly I haven't laughed or felt that type of instant connection ever. But also I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable or take up the wrong signals. What should I do? We both have said we never make the first move.
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    She is friendly and lives near a beach and what are you waiting for? Hang out with her till you get your answer. :) Goodluck and I see happiness when you two are together.

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