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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by anonymous6483, Jun 18, 2014.

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    So I recently met this girl(I think she's straight). I travelled with my friend, and she brought her with her. They're cousins. I was telling this good to know stuffs and she was intently listening to me and asking stuff. She always laughs at my joke because she says I have a really funny laugh. We were exchanging movies, and it was really nice that she appreciates my weird movies and actually wants to check it out. I feel like we connected somehow. There was even a time when she shared me her ice cream, and she looks so cute. I posted pictures from our travel, and I was surprised that most of my friends like our pictures together. (It was the only thing they liked from that album lol)

    One night I went out with my friend(her cousin), and before going home I was surprised to find her. And we talked and she laughed. Her dad called her, they were about to go, so she just said while walking away "I'll just get your number from my cousin".

    I was waiting for a cab, suddenly her cousin called me and invited me into their car. They said that they'll just drop me home. So inside the car we talked a lot (that we forgot her cousin was there) and we made plans to go to underground theatres and film fests, and even play in a puddle. She remembered a cute gay movie that I mentioned when we travelled and she asked me to send her the title. (Yes or No Thai)

    I hadn't receive any text from her for days after she said that she'd get my number, but we're chatting on fb. Then I tagged them (her cousin and another roomate) a link to a local waffle place(similar to the one we love abroad), and she said we should try it. I finally asked for her number and I texted her, it took her long to reply but after that we hadn't stop texting for days, we pause but we don't end the conversation. There was even a time when we were texting, chatting and commenting on fb simultaneously. The other night she stopped replying, yesterday I left my phone the whole day and was surprised to find a text from her calling my name. She invited me to go out, overnight with her cousin, her cousin's gf and our other friend (who's also a butch like me and her cousin). So i texted our friend if she got the invite and she said no.

    When I remind her about the play we want to see and ask her when she wants to go, she'd say anytime but not this week.
    She won't give an exact date, I was wondering does she really wanna go or is she just being nice not to shut me off?

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