Intense eye-contact turning into awkwardness?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by Olivia, Jun 11, 2014.

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    Apr 20, 2014
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    2 years ago I fell in love with a straight (I am not really sure about this) girl! She is really friendly and used to 'tease' me and tried to start a normal friendly conversation with me. The problem is that I fell in love with her at that time and whenever I fall in love with someone I shy away from them and kinda ignore them :/

    Anyways our eye-contact or staring started when I opened the door for her once. She couldn't really look me in the eye and thanked me while looking down.

    Since then we both seriously started to stare at each other for a well VERY LONG time, like it was really staring without any emotions. We would walk down the hallway coming from opposite sides just staring without looking away.
    I would always catch her staring at me and looking at me from the corner of her eye.

    No one really approached the other one. We only had this intense eye-contact. Well, then she suddenly was in a relationship with a guy and that caused me to stop looking at her and giving her my attention. While she was in a relationship with him we actually talked to each other and it was okay it was just small talk but the tension was not present anymore.
    After a couple of month she broke up with him so she is single again.

    Anyway my friend caught her a couple of times still staring at me when she passes by me! But still it suddenly got awkward again between us. We still catch each other looking but it is not so intense anymore.

    I still really like her but how do I break this awkwardness!? I really want to start over again but I am afraid that this awkwardness will remain between us!

    Is there anyone who experienced the same thing? how did it turn out?
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    Re: Intense eye-contact turning into awkwardn...

    We'll not exactly this much but, when I really have crush on someone usually straights to get over with/ avoid string etc., I ask them out on coffee/ lunch usually we end up being good friends... I never take it any further though :) at least it won't be awkward anymore!
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    Re: Intense eye-contact turning into awkwardn...

    You are both shy and inexperienced... (gay or not) lots of us have been there.

    You MUST ask her to go out for drinks / coffee whatever. You cannot lose what you never had, okay.

    Check out this post:

    In that other post, she is unsure of her sexuality (fluid orientation happens), she has dated guys and a two women. There are a lot of Lesbians who have had boyfriends/husbands, etc. Her actions before, during and after the guy is very telling. She is staring at you... either because she HATES you or she WANTS you... no other reason. Next time you catch her... think about this, while looking into her eyes "I want to kiss you all over, hug you and love you". The vibe and look will go out.

    Back when I was training out of my shyness (I'm not 100% cured, never will be) and couldn't ask anyone out for anything. I saw a girl in a store, never saw her before. As I walked by, I looked into her eyes and was thinking of her naked and having sex with her... she followed my gaze as I walked by. She didn't make an "ewww" face... but I did get her interested. I never talked or saw her again. But it confirmed the experiment... and I don't have a poker face.

    So maybe she could be in that position of wondering if she likes girls, and like you - she cannot talk to you about it. There are a lot of bi-curious shy people out there... and as adults, the word "crush" fades away. Life is too short to spend months or years wondering "IF" she likes you.

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