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Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by jeanie51, Jun 21, 2015.

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    I just needed to open up to someone....I'm still in the closet. I'm in love with my colleague from work who is 10 years older than me (I'm 29 years old). When I used to work with her I would get really nervous talking to her and would even stutter for words. She transferred to another department a few months ago and I rarely see her but when I do my heart beats really quickly.

    We're professional and we never talk about our personal lives. But I know that she's very social and outgoing while I'm more on the shy side. I think she is single now, but she has mentioned about dating a guy before. So I'm not sure if she's into girls or not. But I feel a connection between us and the way she looks at me makes me feel as though she is into me too. Her smile just melts my heart away.

    The problem is I stopped working at that place 2 weeks ago but I can't stop thinking about her. She's on my mind 24/7, and even though we don't know each other well and probably won't see each other in the future I feel completely in love with her. What should I do? Message and tell her my feelings and risk being humiliated and maybe she'll tell others at work so my reputation may be affected....or stay quiet even if it means thinking about her all the time and being distracted from my daily life.
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    Oh goodness, don't text and confess. Ask her out for a cup of coffee, see if she responds to that. Tell her you are happy in your new job and miss being around her and see if she would come out and chat with you. If she doesn't then there is nothing there but professional friendlyness.
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