Idle speculation on lesbian spirituality

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Creative Writing' started by Zarco Nimmo, Jan 15, 2014.

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    I wonder if there is some force in the universe that is dedicated to the welfare of lesbians. Perhaps there exists some intelligent higher being - let’s say for now that it’s a person that we may refer to as She - who watches over all the women-loving women in existence with the caring eye of a mother or an older sister or some dutiful matron - smiling beneficently upon them in their joys, commiserating with them in their sorrows, and perhaps occasionally intervening somehow in their affairs for their own good. She may even have had a hand in creating them, knitting them in their mothers’ wombs to become the joyful women-loving women that she wants them to be. She is happy to see her daughters (as we may call them) seek and find one another for companionship, and she is sad to see some of them thwarted from the course she intended for them by circumstances in their upbringing and surroundings. I like to think that such an entity exists. Lesbianism is a marvelous thing that, to my mind, seems necessary not only to those imbued with it, but also to the world at large, and I should not be surprised to learn that women who love women are deliberately brought into the world by a powerful being who means to enrich the world thus.

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