I want to talk to her so bad I choke.

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by vigilante, Feb 7, 2014.

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    There's this girl in my writing class I had an instant crush the day we met. Ever since then I've been summing up the courage to strike a convo, but I can't. I tried manipulating things for her to notice me or for us to have to talk, but something gets in the way..Like when we were asked to get a partner, I was eyeing for her and finally when I was about to ask her out, our prof asked her to partner up with someone. The first day we met, she was reading a book in the hallway, waiting.When the bell rang our classmates went inside and doodlyfuck the last chairs were apart, I was really hoping to sit next to her. At the end of the class I was fixing my things and the two of us were left alone, I sit next to the door so I was kind of waiting for her to approach the door then I could like say bye or whatever..Unfortunately, my loud friend had to drag me out to the restroom. Every after class we're the ones left and I was praying she'd like say hey or whatever. She's seems like a super quiet person plus she's really smart and she's like the girl who wears sweaters and drink hot cocoa who's unconventionally beautiful, the most beautiful kind of beauty. I don't know if I've been thinking about her too much, but I saw this film yesterday (Blue Is The Warmest Color) And I realised she kind of looks like Adele. Today, we had a make up class, and I feel like she was supposed to ask me, but my friend got in the way, so she had to ask her instead about the reading material. After they're done talking, I saw an opportunity to strike, but I choked and said "Hey, nice shirt"(Because it was a really nice shirt, it's Gandalf) instead and she looked at me and smile saying "thanks" and I want to prolong the convo but I choked and just smiled back. I feel like it was actually a genuine smile, actually, it's a sweet kind of smile. After class, again, we were left together(I really pack slow, damn) with a classmate who's taking a makeup exam and our prof. She was just sitting in a row in front of me, she was actually finished fixing her things.. Then I heard her asking our classmate "Were dismissed right, why am I still here?" I don't know why, but that made me assume that she may have actually appreciated my flop strike of a conversation and maybe that was my chance, but then again my friend had to drag me, worst is.. my friend called me baby.

    Anyway, how do you know if a girl (specifically a very quiet one) would want a convo from you? And how to know if she's straight or not? And how to know if she thinks you're a creeper?
    And btw I'm a butch (I think it plays a big part whether she thinks I'm a creeper)
    Thank you!
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    As someone who's quiet and reserved until I really get to know you and let my guard down, I'd want you to approach me especially if I'm way too shy to do it myself. I wouldn't find it creepy, unless the conversation was weird and creepy. Just talk to her about class or ask if she wants to go out for tea/coffee after class. Nothing wrong with that! Don't stress on the gay / straight thing, just be friendly, funny, and interesting and she'll eventually relax. Good luck!

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