I think she knows i like her

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by GreenBeen, May 13, 2014.

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    I think the girl I like knows I like her. What should I do?

    Ok so there's this girl at my lab that I work at. We met sometimes in November. We hit it off right away. We talk about everything, we have a very similar humour and we have very similar hobbies. She had left for a trip for a few months and came back, and she was full of smiles seeing me. We are both in our 20s.

    She doesn't know I'm gay and I'm not sure about her orientation. I thought she might have a boyfriend but she has never once brought him up in our conversations. She has added me on facebook, and it doesn't say whether she is in a relationship. She does have a few pictures with this guy but that's about it. She is gay friendly, supports lgbt orginazations. Her orientation is blank as well on facebook.

    She has liked a lot of my post on facebook, I like hers too. We talk about everything, I ask her a lot of questions about herself, I'm not sure if she gets the hint that I like her, but recently she has caught me staring at her a few times and she told me. She was laughing and said how she can see me in the corner of her eye. I was blushing like a ketchup bottle. I've also caught her staring from afar. She has also told me how she feels that I know her, since when I ask her questions that correspond to herself.

    More than once when saying goodbye we've exchanged longer than usual eye contact. Were always laughing around each other for nothing, and I blush around her. I was thinking, I could perhaps mention an ex, or say something along the lines of "oh I use to date this girl and she..etc" so she gets the hint I'm gay.

    What should I do? Things is its difficult because what is this is all just platonic and I'm reading these signs otherwise.

    I have a small rainbow pin on my purse so I'm hoping soon enough she will get the hint that I'm gay.
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    It's always a difficult one when it's someone at work. In normal circumstances, I would say be cautious, but in this instance - go with your gut. If she's a good person, even if she doesn't feel the same way, she'll get past it. If she feels the same, you'll know. Little looks, making an effort to spend time with you outside of work, texting etc. You'll never know unless you try :)

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