I really don't know what to so anymore:( please help, thanks

Discussion in 'Relationships' started by Nousername, Mar 22, 2015.

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    Mar 22, 2015
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    hello everyone.

    I really need some help and advice. Firstly let me tell you about my background. I am been brought up with parents who are quite strict plus follow the nonsense indian culture since I am a indian lesbian and my parents don't accept it and think it is phase. I am not allowed to party nor have sleepovers. I have no proper friends just one school friend. Most of my life I have never had friends and find it quite hard to socialise with my peers. I work two part-time jobs plus overtime and in full-time education. In my sparetime and I play on video games that is really all my life; I am not close ith my parents since they hardly talk to me. I wish my parents would let me roam free ao I can meet new people I am sick and tires of the same routine over and over again. Okay now with the thing I wanted to talk about is... I really like this girl and she goes to my College I am pretty sure ahe is bisexual if not a lesbian :D. I walk passed her a few times whilst I am at school on those days butI don't know how t get her attention. I am a tomboy and wear joggers i try to wear different clothing but that is just not me plus it is really uncomfortable. Furthermore I am very shy and nevr had a relationship in my life, I have only been involved sexually with girl once andkissed her plus only kissed two guys and hated it. Lastly I am 18 years old but because of my height and innocent face I look 13 which is a massive downfall and presume I am straight when I am not at all. How do I show this girl I really like her? Thanks. Sorr for the
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    Mar 6, 2015
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    Talk to her! It's easy- just start with "hello"! Ask her what classes she is taking, what music she likes, anything really. Go from there!

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