I don't know who I am

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    Hi all!
    In major need of advice and guidance. I'm a 23 year old recent college graduate. I've always identified as straight. The problem is for the passed 2-3 years I find myself insanely more attracted to women rather than men. I've done the make out with my best friend when we've been drinking and I feel like I'm more turned on when I make out with her than a man. I feel like this is something that I have been struggling with for a long time. I am wayyyyyy too chicken to make a move on anyone because I don't want to make a fool out of myself if it doesn't work out. I'm not comfortable talking to any of my friends about it or family. I guess I just need to know what I'm feeling. How can I try to be with a woman when I'm too scared to make a move. Also, I'm currently is a VERY small town where there are no gay bars and in fact I've never met a gay woman while here. What's a girl to do:/
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    I think you already know who you are. It is a matter now how you going to experience where this desire will lead you and how to fit it in a place where you are a minority. If you want to stay where you are, I suggest that you use social media, online dating, etc. You might want to try to network by coming out if it is safe where you are to do so. When you come out, you will have straight women doing the curious thing so just beef yourself up emotionally for that.

    Good luck to you, *big hugs*. :)

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