I can't tell if she is into me or even gay

Discussion in 'Does She Like Me?' started by LorenaA, Mar 25, 2019.

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    Hello everyone,
    I'm a super baby bisexual that has recently came out of the dark dark closet months ago and is FINALLy pursuing women like a boss bitch. Okay so, I've recently started tinder/bumble to meet more queer women, I also go to a local gay bar when I have the chance and I have gone on a couple of semi decent dates. But the one I went on recently has stuck out to me the most, the last one I went on before the girl threw up all over herself in my car(never talked to her again, even though I held her hair back and carried her to her apartment). So, I met this girl on tinder and she actually goes to my university as well, I gave her my # and gave her the option to reach out if she wanted to go out w/ me (she did in fact text me). After about of week of texting back and forth, I asked her out to a really cool spot in my city for coffee and food (which she agreed to as well). And I know what you're thinking, "if she weren't attracted to women then why would she say yes" bc SAME.
    Anyways, the date was on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and she arrived a little late which is fine bc she had prior arrangement that day. Let me tell you she is super cute, but INSANELY HARD TO READ; she was in fact more on the feminine side and I am as well. The date went well, apparently I was her first ever tinder date since she has been on it for like 2 months (i felt honored). As the date went on, we actually had a lottt in common like similar taste in music and in movies, etc... Of course, there were some awkward moments like every first date but at the end of the date, the topic of religion kind of got brought up. I have no discrimination of queer individuals practicing their own religion but we end the date a little early so she could make it to sunday mass bc she wanted to try to go to church for lint. AND when I asked if we should go on a date again she said yes but didn't seem too enthusiastic. I may be reading into this to much and over thinking everything but we are still texting and she actually said the "next time she won't pick out the place to eat" ; bc i ended up getting food poisoning from the place she picked lol. SO IM JUST CONFUSED ugh all of the other girls I've been out with gave off strong gay vibes and she is just so low key, but I'm definitely interested in her. Tips and advice are welcomed


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